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By now, you probably have a good idea what blogging is all about. A blog can be a diary form on a website that is devoted to the various activities in your life or of a topic of interest to you. It usually involves one specific subject and has a more personal feel than most web pages. If blogging is something you might be interested in, or perhaps are already involved in but would like to improve, keep reading for valuable advice and insider tips.

Vimeo. More popular to WordPress users, Vimeo is hailed to be a more posh and artsy version of YouTube. With its sleek design, it has become a favorite by most artists who dawdle in video and film editing. However, this does not mean that you shouldn't take advantage of this site as well, especially since more and more people are now finding it more convenient to use not only technically but also because of the fact that there are less Vimeo users who are rude, unlike in YouTube.

When popular blogs, and working online, it is about money, in the sense that if you are planning a freelance career, money is an issue you cannot ignore. You need to continue writing and to do this you need to have great content and good titles to be found on the search engines, and then have you blog make money with the correct ad placement with Google AdSense.

Write articles! This is a great way to build credibility, popularity and quality link backs without the fear of getting trapped by the duplicate content filter. Write articles that are focused around topics/ keywords you want to target. Write your article to resolve the query of the user who typed in that keyword to find something they were looking for. Promote your articles by posting them on your site or blog first, and then syndicating them to various popular and credible article submission sites.

Squidoo lens are a great way of promoting your site. You can write catchy articles and post it there. You can include pictures and make Submit bookmarks articles which turn viral and bring in more visitors. You can share your lenses in the social networking sites. This will get good amount of traffic and improve your website's exposure.

Google loves video, so making a short video to upload to YouTube and other funny videos submission site is a very good way to get noticed and drive website traffic.

Now, of course, I sit here day after day and do the same thing on this and other blogs I write. I write opinion columns about sports times for other online magazines. I write about restaurants and businesses and get my opinion. I get paid to do that. So, as I said, I am including myself into those who really cant they criticize.

The next application you'll see on your dock is Dashboard. Dashboard allows you to access Widgets. You can access Dashboard by clicking on the icon in the Dock or pressing F12 on your keyboard. You can add and delete widgets by clicking on the "+" sign at the lesser left hand side of your screen as well as download new widgets on apple.

Yes folks do still read blogs, you are reading one right now. You exactly need to have something authoritative to say. Learn more about how blogs can be used to grow any business enterprise. The eBook controlling Blog Marketing by Doug Williams is a step by step guide on how to use web log. The eBook is free.Submit youtube videos

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